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There are a lot of messages we received in the past few days, guys asking us for Mzansi Whatsapp number. To all our readers asking us for the Whatsapp number of Mzansi, this is for you.Within the few days, I noticed that many South African guys have been messaging us for Mzansi WhatsApp numbers.

It’s no secret that South African ladies are very cool and fun to be friends, but don’t take their love for stupidity, you don’t want to be at the receiving side of an Angry South African lady.When you’re in a relationship with Mzansi girls, you won’t regret dating one, because they are very easy to understand and build a good friendship with.

When chatting with a Mzansi girl, take note that they love guys who respect them. When chatting with a Mzansi girl, ensure you are courteous when talking to them, and talk nicely too.

Don’t appear too authoritative. Instead, a little bit of humor and compliments will go a long way in making her accept you the more.

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